Summer School
Year: 1939
Country: United Kingdom
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, girl, summer camp
Keywords: Pathe
Description: Aka Children's Holiday Camp
Video Added: 22.07.2020

'Summer School'

Christmas in Kitezh
Date: 07.01.2006
Country: Russia
Section: reportage
Tags: bathing, boy, girl
Keywords: Kitezh
Description: Kitezh is a russian community of foster families and a children's therapeutic community. The reportage of russian channel Pervyy about christmas in Kitezh.
Video Added: 22.07.2020

'Christmas in Kitezh'

Year: 1949
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: The summer of 1949 in Roarsgård, the camp of Roskilde Municipality, near Sejrøbugten.
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Frederiksberg Hospital
Year: 1948
Country: Denmark
Section: medicine
Tags: bathing, boy, girl
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'Frederiksberg Hospital'

Bleekneusjes Aansterken aan zee
Year: 1950
Country: Netherlands
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: City children in summer camp.
Video Added: 16.07.2020

'Bleekneusjes Aansterken aan zee'

SafeGuard commercial
Year: 2008
Country: Azerbaijan
Section: commercials
Tags: bathing, girl
Description: From tv channel Aze Sat.
Video Added: 12.07.2020

'SafeGuard commercial'

Anzhelika Varum - Vavilon
Year: 1991
Country: Russia
Section: music
Tags: boy, girl
Keywords: nudism
Description: Album Lya-lya-fa
Video Added: 08.07.2020
Sensitive content

'Anzhelika Varum - Vavilon'

Kenny G - Forever In Love
Year: 1992
Country: USA
Section: music
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Video Added: 06.07.2020
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'Kenny G - Forever In Love'

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