Vospominanie o Brigantine
SC 4.8/10 

Year: 1983
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, boy, girl, medical check
Description: About the children's sanatorium "Brigantina" in Evpatoria (Crimea).
Video Added: 01.07.2022

'Vospominanie o Brigantine'

Da prosvetitsya svet vash pered lyudmi
SC 8.5/10 

Year: 2004
Country: Russia
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Keywords: Artek
Description: About talented child musicians and their mentor - artistic director and conductor, People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov.
Video Added: 28.06.2022

'Da prosvetitsya svet vash pered lyudmi'

Jane B. par Agnès V.
SC 0.2/10 

Year: 1988
Country: France
Section: documentary
Tags: girl
Description: French docudrama film directed by Agnès Varda and starring French-English actress Jane Birkin. The film was conceived when Birkin admitted to Varda she was apprehensive about turning 40 and Varda told her it was a beautiful age and the perfect time to make a portrait on Birkin's life.
The film mixes interviews with Birkin about her past and current life with small vignettes where she takes on roles that either she or Varda are interested in seeing her play.
Video Added: 24.06.2022

'Jane B. par Agnès V.'

Lapset maalle!
Year: 1941
Country: Finland
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: In the information campaign, children from the city on their summer vacation are encouraged to go to the countryside, to fresh and clean nature.
Video Added: 21.06.2022

'Lapset maalle!'

Blazhenny krotkiye...
Year: 1998
Country: Russia
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, girl
Keywords: sauna
Description: About large families of the village of Voloe, Kaluga region.
Video Added: 17.06.2022

'Blazhenny krotkiye...'

Koniec lata
SC 2.5/10 

Year: 2011
Country: Poland
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: 2010 documentary directed by Piotr Stasik. The director looks at the cadet school community, focusing on three boys of different ages ...
Video Added: 14.06.2022

'Koniec lata'

Samlerull Hans Berge nr. 1
Year: 1930
Country: Norway
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Ca. 1930s
Video Added: 10.06.2022

'Samlerull Hans Berge nr. 1'

Kotoinen saunani
SC 9.5/10 

Year: 1964
Country: Finland
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, boy
Keywords: sauna
Description: The sauna has been born, died and loved. In addition to washing and bathing, the sauna has been used for many purposes.
Video Added: 07.06.2022

'Kotoinen saunani'

Malnutrition In Children In London, 1930s - Film 98106
Year: 1930
Country: United Kingdom
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: London County Council's Special Nutrition Centre. Children and their mothers seated in a waiting room, a nurse standing at R; a woman enters with a boy, through the door facing us; panning round room; on the back of the door is a sight-test card.
Seated woman in white coat goes over notes with mother and daughter. Two women in white coats, seated separately; a mother with a baby in her arms attends as a young girl, naked to the waist, has her lungs/breathing listened to. Close-up of the girl and the stethoscope. The group of four, as the doctor turns the girl towards us; her chest looks a bit malformed - rickets? Close-up of the girl, shoulders-up, looking round and smiling. In a room with a dark glazed-brick dado, two topless boys stand by as another in shorts and braces walks in from R, past a doctor, to a strength meter, round which he walks. Close-up of the boy as he mounts the device and pulls on the handles of the meter. A seated boy has his right ear lob pricked by a doctor, while another holds his head still; then she bends down with a mouth pipette on a rubber tube, to take the blood sample.
Video Added: 03.06.2022

'Malnutrition In Children In London, 1930s - Film 98106'

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