Pandekager hver torsdag
SC 9.2/10 

Year: 1966
Country: Denmark
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: A visit to the Christmas tag home Lindersvold in Faxe. A new group of boys arrives at the orphanage. The film depicts their everyday life and individual life stories.
Video Added: 31.01.2023

'Pandekager hver torsdag'

A Beautiful Tragedy
SC 4.9/10 

Year: 2008
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: dancing, girl, medical check
Keywords: ballet
Description: A documentary about 15-year-old Oksana who follows her mother's dream to see her become a prima ballerina.
Video Added: 27.01.2023

'A Beautiful Tragedy'

Hämäläinen joulusauna
Date: 24.12.1965
Country: Finland
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy
Keywords: sauna
Description: The highlight of Christmas Eve is bathing in a smoke sauna. Heating up the smoke sauna is a ritual without which the real Christmas atmosphere cannot be achieved.
Video Added: 24.01.2023

'Hämäläinen joulusauna'

Kun en 2-øre
SC 1.3/10 

Year: 1954
Country: Denmark
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: What can you get for a 2-øre? The film answers the question by showing some beautiful pictures from the Christmas brand homes, which are built and maintained by the sale of the Christmas marks sold for 2 øre pieces. 7 Christmas brand homes and 1800 small reconvalescents annually are numbers that tell you what a 2-øre that has been given right is worth.
Video Added: 20.01.2023

'Kun en 2-øre'

Les Noisetiers
Year: 1926
Country: Netherlands
Section: art
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp
Description: Documentary by Dick Laan about an institution by Dr. Rollier for weak and recovering children in the chalet 'Les Noisetiers', located just above the village of Cergnat in Switzerland.
Video Added: 17.01.2023

'Les Noisetiers'

Vakantie Terschelling
Year: 1947
Country: Netherlands
Section: chronicle
Tags: girl, sunbathing
Video Added: 13.01.2023

'Vakantie Terschelling'

Skolebad for drenge
Year: 1930
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, swimming
Description: Boys who, back in the mid-1930s, learned to do head diving at the city's old bathing establishment. The bathing establishment was built in 1922, and at that time you did not have the opportunity to go swimming at Hestehovedet, which was only built after the Second World War. So when the children had to learn to swim or people had to bathe, it was done at the Søbadeanstalten.
Video Added: 10.01.2023

'Skolebad for drenge'

My - pionery
SC 7.4/10 

Year: 1972
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: About the 50-year path of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. The film is full of rare newsreels and photo documents.
Video Added: 06.01.2023

'My - pionery'

Camp Wingo
Year: 1943
Country: USA
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: Camp Wingo was a co-ed Jewish camp located where Camp Fatima is now - on Upper Suncook Lake in Gilmanton Iron Works NH. Camp Wingo operated from the 1910's until it closed in 1943 and relocated to Bear Lake in South Waterford ME (Mailing Address: Harrison ME) where it remained open until 1967. The Diocese of Manchester purchased the Camp Wingo NH property in 1948 and reopened the camp as Camp Fatima in the Summer of 1949.
This video is from Camp Wingo from 1943 & before.
Video Added: 03.01.2023

'Camp Wingo'

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