Syuzhety. Brzailiya. 1990 - 1999
Year: 1999
Country: Russia
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Life in Brazil.
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'Syuzhety. Brzailiya. 1990 - 1999'

Newsreel Sovetskaya Kareliya 1963 nr. 7
SC 6.6/10 

Year: 1963
Country: Soviet Union
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: Moscow. Honoring cosmonauts Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova and Lieutenant Colonel Valery Fedorovich Bykovsky. Petrozavodsk State University. Conference in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Second Congress of the RSDLP. Cultivation of top dressing of fields in the state farm "Olonetsky", Olonetsky district. Haymaking at the state farm. Silage harvesting in one of the state farms of the Karelian ASSR. Builders of the Petrozavodsk plant of paper-making machines. All-Union seminar on the conservation of young animals during logging operations. Pioneer camp "Northern Eaglet" named after cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky on the shore of Lake Onega.
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'Newsreel Sovetskaya Kareliya 1963 nr. 7'

Newsreel Stroitelstvo i arkhitektura 1973 nr. 10
SC 2.6/10 

Year: 1973
Country: Soviet Union
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: The issue is dedicated to the city of Zelenograd 1. "My city" 2. "My street" 3. "My institute" 4. "My shopping center"
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'Newsreel Stroitelstvo i arkhitektura 1973 nr. 10'

Semipalatinsk, yubiley Abaya
Year: 1996
Country: Kazakhstan
Section: chronicle
Tags: girl, swimming
Description: Square in front of the theater named after Abai. Fountains, balloons. Children bathe in fountains. Folk groups perform.
Ensemble of folk instruments. The theater building is decorated with a portrait of Abai. Nursultan Nazarbayev and accompanying persons are walking along the square.
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'Semipalatinsk, yubiley Abaya'

SC 8.0/10 

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Realizing the urban legend of their youth has actually come true; two filmmakers delve into the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.
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SC 3.9/10 

Year: 1990
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: girl, swimming
Description: About the life and work of the writer, actor and director Vasily Makarovich Shukshin.
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Suomen uudenaikaisin kansakoulu
SC 7.0/10 

Year: 1937
Country: Finland
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, boy, girl, medical check
Description: Documentary about the Aleksis Kive public school in Helsinki, which at the end of the 1930s was the most modern public school in the Nordic countries. School was held in Kallio, which is rich in children, in two shifts from 8 am to 8 pm, there were 2,300 students and 75 teachers.
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'Suomen uudenaikaisin kansakoulu'

Bolshoy teatr, dvukhsotyy sezon
SC 6.9/10 

Year: 1976
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, dancing, girl, medical check
Description: A film-film story about the world-famous State Academic Bolshoi Theater of the USSR, about the present day of the theater and its history, about a galaxy of remarkable artists - opera and ballet soloists.
Video Added: 04.02.2022

'Bolshoy teatr, dvukhsotyy sezon'

Suomi rakentaa tulevaisuuttaan
SC 3.6/10 

Date: 01.02.2022
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: On post-war reconstruction. Description of Finnish maintenance activities. The Finnish Service was established in 1941 as the central body for aid activities and was abolished after completing its tasks in 1952.
Video Added: 01.02.2022

'Suomi rakentaa tulevaisuuttaan'

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