Eralash 077
Year: 1989
Country: Soviet Union
Section: humor
Tags: boy, medical check
Description: Sketch "Spetzkontrol" ("Special control"). A boy is examined by his girlfriend's parents.
Video Added: 25.12.2020
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'Eralash 077'

Eralash 076
Year: 1989
Country: Soviet Union
Section: humor
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Sketch "Nochnoy dozor" ("The night Watch"). Boy spies on girl with binoculars.
Video Added: 24.12.2020
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'Eralash 076'

Västerås 1937, del 2
Year: 1937
Country: Sweden
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Video Added: 20.12.2020

'Västerås 1937, del 2'

Comercial Biovita
Year: 1988
Country: Brazil
Section: commercials
Tags: boy
Keywords: Biovita
Video Added: 16.12.2020

'Comercial Biovita'

Ferienlager der Bergakademie in Jena
Year: 1955
Country: West Germany
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy, girl, medical check, summer camp
Description: Historisches in Bild und Ton
Video Added: 12.12.2020

'Ferienlager der Bergakademie in Jena'

Tinti - riktigt kul i badet
Year: 2016
Country: Sweden
Section: commercials
Tags: bathing, boy, girl
Description: Fun, natural bathtime play products by "Tinti" in Germany (NaturFarben). Tinti natural bathwather colors are distributed in the USA by Challenge & Fun.
Video Added: 10.12.2020

'Tinti - riktigt kul i badet'

Italia 1940
Date: 15.03.1940
Country: Italia
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: X-ray for children. From Archivio Storico Istituto Luce.
Video Added: 06.12.2020

'Italia 1940'

Newsreel 1918
Year: 1918
Country: Russia
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, swimming
Video Added: 04.12.2020

'Newsreel 1918'

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