what Memorial hides
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Description: On 13 December 2016 Yury A. Dmitriev was arrested and charged with making pornographic images of his foster daughter, Natasha. From the outset Dmitriev's colleagues declared the charges to be baseless and motivated by a determination to discredit the historian and his work. The closed trial attracted national and international attention and criticism. On 26 December 2017, a second assessment by a court-appointed body of the photographs of his foster daughter concluded that they contained no element of pornography and had been taken, as the accused insisted, to monitor the health of a sickly child. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yury_A._Dmitriev
Presented video is made by russian channel Rossiya (broadcast "Vesti").
Video Added: 26.11.2020

'what Memorial hides'

Candy Film Investigation
Date: 25.01.2016
Country: Denmark
Section: crime
Keywords: child abuse
Description: In 2016 danish channel DR2 has aired a three-part documentary called "Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig" (Candy Film – when Child pornography was legal). This film explores Color Climax Corporation activity during 1969-1979, when the studio legally producted pornography with minors in Denmark.
Video Added: 12.09.2020

'Candy Film Investigation'

Lilya uncensored
Date: 22.12.2008
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Lilya Zheleva
Description: Intimate photos of 12-year-old Lilya Zheleva from Russia appeared on the Internet without her knowledge.
Video Added: 10.09.2020

'Lilya uncensored'

Yest tema. Okhotniki za pedofilami
Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: boy, girl
Keywords: Siberian mouse, Sergey Kropochkin, Ira Nikolaysen
Description: The broadcast of russian channel TV Peretz about Sergey Kropochkin and his illegal photo studio Siberian Mouse.
Video Added: 20.06.2020

'Yest tema. Okhotniki za pedofilami'

Glenn Holland Magic Image
Date: 11.02.2006
Country: New Zealand
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Description: Former underage nude model of studio Magic Image, owned by Glenn Holland, reported sexual harassment during filming.
Video Added: 28.05.2020

'Glenn Holland Magic Image'

Interview with Kseniya Streblichenko
Date: 20.03.2020
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Ksenia Streblichenko, Polar Lights, Paradisebirds, Porno studio from Arkhangelsk
Description: Ksenia Streblichenko, when she was a child, has been involded in the filming of porn. Her mother, a former FSB employee, was sentenced for this to 13 years in prison. Together with her, three more mothers and one grandmother of girls who went to the same photo studio in Arkhangelsk were convicted of child porn. Ksenia claims that her mother did not know anything, and now she is preparing for a cassation, trying to save her from prison.
Video Added: 17.05.2020

'Interview with Kseniya Streblichenko'

In search for Sandra
Date: 19.11.2012
Country: USA
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Sandra Orlow
Description: Investigation of child exploitation in Russia. Police is searching for a young girl called Sandra.
Video Added: 16.05.2020

'In search for Sandra'

Interview with former models of Siberian mouse
Date: 21.05.2019
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Siberian mouse, Ira Nikolaysen, Masha Babko
Description: The former models of the russian childporn studio Siberian mouse Ira Nikolaysen and Masha Babko give an interview to russian TV channel Rossiya.
Video Added: 15.05.2020

'Interview with former models of Siberian mouse'

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