Der appelsiner heter Naranjas
SC 6.2/10 

Year: 1986
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: Following the events in Med badedrakt i ranselen (1986), we get to see more school and everyday life for a group of Norwegian school children on Gran Canaria, a Spanish island. - IMDb
Video Added: 25.03.2022

'Der appelsiner heter Naranjas'

Suomi-Filmin uutiskuvia 11 35
Year: 1935
Country: Finland
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, summer camp, swimming
Keywords: scouting
Description: Clouds in the sky. A scout boys' summer camp, about twenty boys running from the tents and standing in front of them in two rows. Exercise. Wading on a rocky beach. Running from a wooden house along a path towards the camera. Go through a gate made of sticks in the meadow. Sitting blankets on the shoulders in a meadow around a campfire, the man speaks. Ticketing. Volleyball is played. Three men build a wooden frame. Dozens of boys run naked from the shed. Pier and jumping tower, swimmers. The boy stands at the door, hitting Gong. The boys run from the tents towards the camera. Standing in line in front of the camera. Eating inside around a long table, a few men at the next table. The children swim and climb on the partially sunken boat that reads Sörn 1.
Video Added: 22.03.2022

'Suomi-Filmin uutiskuvia 11 35'

Friluftsskulptur i Oslo
SC 4.2/10 

Year: 1953
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Here, the city's sculptures are shown on a continuous tape, while a narrator explains where it is, what it is/what it is called and who made it.

The Nansen bust at the Town Hall. Garborg and Kinch at Deichmann (NB! previously open Arne Garborgs plass). Andreas Munch in Olaf Rye's place. Olafia. Fernanda Nissen by Anna Sætne at Sagene school.
The co-operative movement in Dehli's square. The Lincoln and Roosevelt Monuments. Per Palle Storm's memorial at Akershus. The lions at the Storting. The lion group at St. Hanshaugen. The Wolf Stairs at Ila. Dyre Vaa's adventure sculptures at Ankerbrua. The bull fountain at Torshov. Foal by Per Hurum in Torshovparken. Boy on dolphin at Vestkanttorget. Bislet bathroom. The wave at Skillebekk. The girl at St. Hanshaugen. Sehested place. Mother and child by Kai Nielsen in Frognerparken. Frogner Park. The whole horse at the Seamen's School. More around the Town Hall.
Video Added: 19.03.2022

'Friluftsskulptur i Oslo'

Bading i bekk
Year: 1929
Country: Norway
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: Ca. 1920-1929
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'Bading i bekk'

Year: 1970
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: A day in the life of a family in Stavnsholt.
Video Added: 11.03.2022


Helsesøster 1957
Year: 1957
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, medical check
Description: The film shows the work of a public health nurse (health visitor) in a rural district in Norway in the1950s.
Video Added: 10.03.2022

'Helsesøster 1957'

Ryhti on terveytta
SC 8.8/10 

Year: 1959
Country: Finland
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: An educational film by the Mannerheim association's posture advisory board, the protagonists are the father and daughter with back problems of the fictional Virtanen family. The daughter goes to the posture counseling center of the Mannerheim association for examination and receives instructions for improving posture.
Video Added: 08.03.2022

'Ryhti on terveytta'

Denmark Grows Up
SC 7.1/10 

Year: 1947
Country: Denmark
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: A broad picture of the public services undertaken by the state and local authorities to protect the lives of Danish children from before birth till they leave school. The training of midwives; public health nurses, 'sundhedsplejersker', who visit all newborn babies, and provide a free voluntary advisory service for all mothers with children below the age of one year. The Danish equivalent of Day Nurseries, which provide both recreational and educational facilities. Municipal school health services, and the blind and deaf and dumb children.
Video Added: 04.03.2022

'Denmark Grows Up'

Syuzhety. Brzailiya. 1990 - 1999
Year: 1999
Country: Russia
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Life in Brazil.
Video Added: 01.03.2022

'Syuzhety. Brzailiya. 1990 - 1999'

Newsreel Sovetskaya Kareliya 1963 nr. 7
SC 6.7/10 

Year: 1963
Country: Soviet Union
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: Moscow. Honoring cosmonauts Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova and Lieutenant Colonel Valery Fedorovich Bykovsky. Petrozavodsk State University. Conference in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Second Congress of the RSDLP. Cultivation of top dressing of fields in the state farm "Olonetsky", Olonetsky district. Haymaking at the state farm. Silage harvesting in one of the state farms of the Karelian ASSR. Builders of the Petrozavodsk plant of paper-making machines. All-Union seminar on the conservation of young animals during logging operations. Pioneer camp "Northern Eaglet" named after cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky on the shore of Lake Onega.
Video Added: 25.02.2022

'Newsreel Sovetskaya Kareliya 1963 nr. 7'

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