India Speaks - Part 1

Year: 1933
Country: India
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl
Description: A filmed recollection of Richard Halliburton's travels on the Indian sub-continent in the early 1930s. 1930s, India, street scenes, gateway, pedestrians, camels, Hindu temples, ornately carved statues of deities on temple towers, Brahma temples, bull statue, war horse statue, stone elephants, effigies of gods, sect members worshipping Goddess of Kali in secret shrine, worshippers sacrificing goat and offering blood to Kali, dragon statue, street beggars and holy men, Richard Halliburton throwing silver rupee into street vendor’s begging bowl, street holy man wearing ball of barbed wire on his face, sun worshippers, widow and children begging, man leading cow on street, cows given right of way, roaming freely through streets and temples and eating in temple, Hindu nearing death holding tail of cow for desired reincarnation, men riding temple elephants, symbols painted on men’s foreheads to designate caste level, caste marks, Tilaka Brahmin and lower caste levels, untouchables, women, woman dressed in ornate attire spinning around accompanied by musicians, woman using spinning wheel, ornately carved window screens, child marriage, child brides, children eating and holding babies, children holding hands, guru leading Halliburton deep into jungle to see ceremony, Halliburton walking across rope bridge, man stepping on crocodile, python wrapped around tree branch, vampire bats roosting in tree, swarm of bats soaring out of nests at night sending nearby wildlife to seek cover, Hindu festival, elephant processional, Hindus bathing in river, man having silver skewer thrust through tongue, worshippers with pierced bodies, guru and Halliburton watching rites, female devil dancers, drummers, man with nails in his back and arms, man pulling heavy cart by hook attached to skin, worshippers bathing in river.
Video Added: 25.05.2021

'India Speaks - Part 1'

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