Ballet audition in Russia
Year: 2018
Country: Russia
Section: reportage
Tags: dancing, girl
Keywords: ballet
Description: Young girls examined by teachers by admission to russian ballet school.
Video Added: 28.05.2020

'Ballet audition in Russia'

Interview with Kseniya Streblichenko
Date: 20.03.2020
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Ksenia Streblichenko, Polar Lights, Paradisebirds, Porno studio from Arkhangelsk
Description: Ksenia Streblichenko, when she was a child, has been involded in the filming of porn. Her mother, a former FSB employee, was sentenced for this to 13 years in prison. Together with her, three more mothers and one grandmother of girls who went to the same photo studio in Arkhangelsk were convicted of child porn. Ksenia claims that her mother did not know anything, and now she is preparing for a cassation, trying to save her from prison.
Video Added: 17.05.2020

'Interview with Kseniya Streblichenko'

Interview with former models of Siberian mouse
Date: 21.05.2019
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Siberian mouse, Ira Nikolaysen, Masha Babko
Description: The former models of the russian childporn studio Siberian mouse Ira Nikolaysen and Masha Babko give an interview to russian TV channel Rossiya.
Video Added: 15.05.2020

'Interview with former models of Siberian mouse'

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