You Can't Do That on Television
Year: 1990
Country: Canada
Section: humor
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Unknown episode.
Incl. sketch 'Not Going To School'.
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'You Can't Do That on Television'

Familien Jensens halve gris
Year: 1947
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl
Description: Watch the film about the Jensen family's half pig, who never ended up on the Christmas table during the occupation. The family became so happy with it that they kept it.
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'Familien Jensens halve gris'

Japanese commercial
Year: 1990
Country: Japan
Section: commercials
Tags: boy, girl
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'Japanese commercial'

Jericho Beach in the late 1920s
Year: 1929
Country: Canada
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy, girl
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'Jericho Beach in the late 1920s'

Feriekolonien Nordstrand
Year: 1960
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy, summer camp, swimming
Description: Danish children spend time in summer camp in Nordstrand.
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'Feriekolonien Nordstrand'

Candy Film Investigation
Date: 25.01.2016
Country: Denmark
Section: crime
Keywords: child abuse
Description: In 2016 danish channel DR2 has aired a three-part documentary called "Candy Film – Da børneporno var lovlig" (Candy Film – when Child pornography was legal). This film explores Color Climax Corporation activity during 1969-1979, when the studio legally producted pornography with minors in Denmark.
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'Candy Film Investigation'

Lilya uncensored
Date: 22.12.2008
Country: Russia
Section: crime
Tags: girl
Keywords: Lilya Zheleva
Description: Intimate photos of 12-year-old Lilya Zheleva from Russia appeared on the Internet without her knowledge.
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'Lilya uncensored'

De Haan De Toekomst
Year: 1953
Country: Netherlands
Section: art
Tags: bathing, girl
Description: The villa "Mattinata" was built in 1937 and bought in 1952 by De Toekomst from Mechelen. This non-profit organization was founded in 1937 by the socialist health insurance fund with the aim of organizing children's holidays.
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'De Haan De Toekomst'

Skolesvomning ca. 1935
Year: 1935
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy
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'Skolesvomning ca. 1935'

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