Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, 1940s
Year: 1945
Country: UK
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp
Description: Amateur home movie film made in the summer of 1945 or later, featuring young Brownies, Girl Guides and Scouts playing in the grounds of a stately home in Britain 1940's. /Huntley archives, film 1739/
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'Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, 1940s'

Fitil - Sluchay v bane (1992)
Year: 1992
Country: Russia
Section: humor
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: On the apogee of the queues at the end of perestroika.
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'Fitil - Sluchay v bane (1992)'

Monica - Chantons…
Year: 1989
Country: Brazil
Section: commercials
Tags: bathing, boy
Video Added: 22.06.2021

'Monica - Chantons…'

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