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 Misha (Armenia)
 Fource (Netherlands)
 Grigol Kipshidze (Georgia)
 Isabella Clarke (Australia)
 Helena Meraai (Belarus)
 Polina Bogusevich (Russia)
 Anastasiya Baginska (Ukraine)

Mackenzie Frances Ziegler

Date of Birth
Mackenzie Frances Ziegler was born on June 4th, 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA. Just like her big sister Maddie, Mackenzie took her first dance steps at the Abby Lee Dance Company at two and a half years old. While Maddies biggest strength are lyrical and jazz, Mackenzie excels at acro.

In 2011, Mackenzie, her older sister Maddie, and their mom Melissa were cast on LifeTimes Dance Moms, a reality show that follows the lives of the ALDC Elite Competition team and, of course, their moms. The shows popularity has turned Mackenzie, Maddie, and their friends into proper dance stars with fans from all over the world, but despite the craziness of filming a TV show and the competitive world of dance, both girls have managed to stay down to earth, hard working little girls who still do six hours of school every day, except they dont exactly need to leave the house. Homeschooling allows Kenzie to have one-on-one tutoring during class, as well as that much needed extra few hours which she now uses to focus on her voice lessons at the studio. Mackenzie's first single is being released early 2014 with a full on production behind it.

Mackenzie Frances Ziegler on video

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