Artek: Het ideale vakantiekamp
SC 6.7/10 

Year: 2002
Country: Netherlands
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: Since its foundation in 1925, the exclusive Ukrainian youth camp Artek only accepted the best Pioneers (Soviet boy scouts). In 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated, but on the face of it much has remained the same in Artek: the youngsters still come from former Soviet republics like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia, and are still addressed moralistically by the leadership. Every child still gets a scarf, too, but now it is blue instead of red. But the youngsters have definitely changed. The meanwhile privatised Artek no longer exclusively takes in excelling pupils, but also orphans. Instead of massive morning exercises, the children now receive driving lessons and dental care. And the ever-smiling children in the infectious archive footage are offset by the interviews with wavering present-day kids, who had expected more from the camp.
Video Added: 21.02.2023

'Artek: Het ideale vakantiekamp'

Rain of the Children
SC 3.6/10 

Year: 2008
Country: New Zealand
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, girl
Description: Puhi was chosen at age 12 by the great Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana to marry his son, Whatu, and goes on to have an extraordinary life of hardship and wonder showing her fortitude through life and death struggles, walking between spirit and real world, as she bears and loses all of her thirteen children but one. "Rain of the Children" is a dramatic documentary in which filmmaker Vincent Ward attempts to unravel and recreate the life story of Puhi, who he met in 1978 when she was eighty years old.
Video Added: 17.02.2023

'Rain of the Children'

Eto - Sochi!
SC 3.8/10 

Year: 1984
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: About the famous all-Union health resort - the resort city of Sochi. The world of the sun, the sea, hospitality and goodwill is a city where all the climatic and natural opportunities for good rest and treatment are concentrated. The film tells about numerous boarding houses and sanatoriums, about the best specialists in sanatorium treatment and other industries.
Video Added: 10.02.2023

'Eto - Sochi!'

Zarubezhnye kinosyuzhety nr. 2440
Year: 1970
Country: Soviet Union
Section: chronicle
Tags: boy, girl, swimming
Description: Report from the city of Suhl (Thuringia). Children swim in the pool, play on the playground.
Video Added: 07.02.2023

'Zarubezhnye kinosyuzhety nr. 2440'

Barn i Europa
SC 6.0/10 

Year: 1987
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: bathing, girl, swimming
Description: Everyday life of 10 years old Siri Braathen.
Video Added: 03.02.2023

'Barn i Europa'

A Beautiful Tragedy
SC 4.7/10 

Year: 2008
Country: Norway
Section: documentary
Tags: dancing, girl, medical check
Keywords: ballet
Description: A documentary about 15-year-old Oksana who follows her mother's dream to see her become a prima ballerina.
Video Added: 27.01.2023

'A Beautiful Tragedy'

Kun en 2-øre
SC 1.2/10 

Year: 1954
Country: Denmark
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, medical check
Description: What can you get for a 2-øre? The film answers the question by showing some beautiful pictures from the Christmas brand homes, which are built and maintained by the sale of the Christmas marks sold for 2 øre pieces. 7 Christmas brand homes and 1800 small reconvalescents annually are numbers that tell you what a 2-øre that has been given right is worth.
Video Added: 20.01.2023

'Kun en 2-øre'

Les Noisetiers
Year: 1926
Country: Netherlands
Section: art
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp
Description: Documentary by Dick Laan about an institution by Dr. Rollier for weak and recovering children in the chalet 'Les Noisetiers', located just above the village of Cergnat in Switzerland.
Video Added: 17.01.2023

'Les Noisetiers'

Vakantie Terschelling
Year: 1947
Country: Netherlands
Section: chronicle
Tags: girl, sunbathing
Video Added: 13.01.2023

'Vakantie Terschelling'

My - pionery
SC 7.3/10 

Year: 1972
Country: Soviet Union
Section: documentary
Tags: boy, girl, summer camp, swimming
Description: About the 50-year path of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. The film is full of rare newsreels and photo documents.
Video Added: 06.01.2023

'My - pionery'

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