SafeGuard commercial
Year: 2008
Country: Azerbaijan
Section: commercials
Tags: bathing, girl
Description: From tv channel Aze Sat.
Video Added: 12.07.2020

'SafeGuard commercial'

Kankyo bath
Date: 25.08.2009
Country: Japan
Section: reportage
Tags: bathing, boy
Video Added: 10.07.2020

'Kankyo bath'

Skolekolonien Corselitze 1949 - Byen i Byen
Year: 1949
Country: Denmark
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy, summer camp
Description: From Frederiksberg archive.
Video Added: 29.06.2020

'Skolekolonien Corselitze 1949 - Byen i Byen'

Yunomori Onsen & Spa - Kodomo News
Date: 08.02.2017
Country: Thailand
Section: reportage
Tags: bathing, boy
Keywords: sauna
Description: A boy visits Yunomori Onsen & Spa (japanese sauna in Bangkok).
Video Added: 26.06.2020

'Yunomori Onsen & Spa - Kodomo News'

Greek Refugee Children In Bulgaria (1948)
Year: 1948
Country: Bulgaria
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy, medical check
Description: Issued by British Pathé.
Video Added: 22.06.2020

'Greek Refugee Children In Bulgaria (1948)'

Thailand - American Gift
Year: 1959
Country: Thailand
Section: chronicle
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: British Pathe. Thirty kilometre from the thailand's capital of bangkok, in the town of Honburi, thai government is running a reformatory...
Video Added: 18.06.2020

'Thailand - American Gift'

Badsvep fran 60-talet
Date: 06.06.2009
Country: Sweden
Section: reportage
Tags: bathing, boy, girl, sunbathing
Description: SVT
During the 1960s, TV used to do so-called "bathing wipes" over the bathing weather around the country.
Video Added: 07.06.2020

'Badsvep fran 60-talet'

Lemon Bath Kugawa
Date: 14.08.2019
Country: Japan
Section: reportage
Tags: bathing, boy
Description: Refreshing the heat of the summer with the "lemon bath" Kagawa with a refreshing scent and a hot bath.
Video Added: 06.06.2020

'Lemon Bath Kugawa'

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